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Persib’s Malaise Is Bad News for Indonesia at Cup

When it came to predicting which teams would have a significant impact on the 2010/11 Indonesian Super League season, many punters would have put forward Persib Bandung.

In many ways the Newcastle United of Indonesia, Persib has flattered to deceive for too many seasons. This year, surely, came the plaintive cry from the Sunda heartlands, has to be our year.

Not yet it’s not.

The season started ignominiously with new coach Darko Janackovic unceremoniously shown the door before a ball had been kicked in anger amid rumors of a players’ revolt.

His assistant, Jovo Cuckovic, was promoted to one of the hottest seats in Indonesian football and fans looked forward eagerly to a successful season on the field.

They had good reason to be confident. On paper they boast perhaps the strongest squad in the country. I

ndonesia’s push for glory at the Asean Football Federation Cup in December will rely heavily on players from Persib. And they boast some of the highest-profile foreigners in the ISL.

So where is it going wrong? Why has this expensively assembled team managed a meager one win from its opening six games? Why is Persib leaking goals alarmingly? Why is it struggling to create scoring opportunities?

Important questions that Cuckovic needs to answer as soon as possible. And national team coach Alfred Riedl will be asking the same questions before Indonesia plays Malaysia in its opening game at the AFF Cup in December.

Let’s start with the back line. Markus Haris Maulana has been Indonesia’s first-choice keeper for a couple of years now and has had central defenders Maman Abdurahman and Nova Arianto in front of him for club and country for a similar period of time.

Yet there are times when the trio play like strangers. Witness the goal Persiba Balikpapan scored at Siliwangi Stadium earlier in the season.

With Markus and Nova rooted to the spot, neither knowing what the other was doing, Aldo Baretto had a free header to claw back a goal for his team. It was an error that marred a rare good performance.

Eka Ramdani has been a big miss for Persib over the last couple of games and Riedl will be hoping the iconic midfielder will be fit in time for the AFF Cup.

Eka has a status similar to that of Steven Gerrard at Liverpool. When things aren’t going well you can always rely on Eka to help the team out.

Without Eka in the middle there is little creativity. Hariono is an excellent destroyer and has a vicious shot on him, but doesn’t get forward as much as Eka.

Much of Persib’s attacking threat in recent games has come down the flanks with Atep and Siswanto.

The league’s all-time leading scorer, Christian Gonzales, has only recently taken out Indonesian citizenship, but during Persib’s torrid start to the season he has managed just one goal.

Riedl had been hoping to build his team around Maman, Nova, Eka, Atep, Hariono and Gonzales, so their struggles will certainly be causing him sleepless nights.

He has less than a month to turn things around as Indonesia goes into the biennial tournament with expectations high.

source : jakarta globe

Persib Coach Complains Cast Absentee Exercise

BANDUNG, Tribune - Coach Persib, Robby Darwis, complained about the absence of some players to turn when the game against Arema only days away. After Markus started to join the post-exercise umra, Cristian Gonzalez's turn now, Gilang Anga and Budi Sudarsono, who missed practice on Monday (12 / 7) afternoon.

Gonzalez and Budi requested permission because there was a family affair that can not be abandoned while Gilang Anga absent because of illness. Before them, Satoshi also briefly absent due to injury.

"In recent days there are players who missed, this causes our practice is not in full condition of the team especially when the game was getting closer," said Robby said after practice yesterday afternoon.

Robby disclosed, with the absence of one or two players who missed turns, so do not maximal exercise, especially in teamwork exercises.

"For all we lacked internal games team, so we're difficult to train touch
inter-line with the limitations of existing players, "said Robby.

Robby mentioned, games are conducted on Saturday was originally intended to hone solidarity, strategy and tactics game on the field. "But what can we do, the players were just lacking. Yesterday we internally nine versus nine games so can not achieve the desired goals," he explained.

Expected start training today, none other than the players who missed because of illness. Robby wants every player who exercises there in conditions that can integrate a full team game before going to Malang.

"If I wanted all the players there. Time off may be used as well let alone the game got close, we need total focus to the game," said Robby.

Regarding the trial last Wednesday opponent tomorrow morning, Robby argue that the trial was much less susceptible to injury the day after, the team will go to Malang.
"Hence, we select a quality opponent below us so that later more towards the maturation of the strategy," he replied.

About the opponent to be faced, goalkeeper coach Persib given the authority to find an opponent, said that a new opponent will be determined today. "We're still waiting for certainty tersbeut team tomorrow (Tuesday, red). But the team is a Division III team homebase in Bandung," said Anwar Sanusi. (*)

Half a Heart Janackovic Persib Accepted

VIVAnews:Although Persib Appeal has appointed a consortium of French coach Daniel Darko Janackovic, no halfhearted impression of the camp is training staff. Is Joseph Bachtiar as an assistant coach is ready to resign if Persib Janackovic ekstrim.Sebab considered making changes, said Joseph, a big change Maung Bandung means teams have to start things from scratch again. "If he (Janackovic) too much this and that ruling and make some major changes to the team, it's better that I resign," said Yusuf was quoted from the site Bobotoh Persib, Sunday, June 20 2010.Janackovic was only given

time for a month by a consortium Persib. This time is considered too short for Joseph also ideally is three months to make changes in the team.

Now the expected Joseph and the leaders of Persib is the coach's ability to adapt. Nova Arianto as a player also said similar things. Although not too familiar with Janackovic, Nova is ready to compete under the command of the coach.

"During his presence to progress Persib, I would fully support," said Nova.Ini not the first time Maung Bandung teams have foreign coaches. Before Janackovic existing Sledzianowski Andreiz Marek (Poland), Juan Antonio Paez (Chile), and Arcan Iurie Anatolievici (Moldova).

source : sasak.net

Maman Not Affected Issues New Coach

BANDUNG – libero Persib Bandung Maman Abdurahman claimed that he was not affected by the issue of the coming new French coach Daniel Darko Janackovic. He admitted that the task itself as a professional player is to practice and compete with the maximum.

“As a player I think exercise alone and provide maximum results when playing. If it's new coach will come I was not disturbed. Let us just focus on practicing,” said Maman, Monday (21/06/2010).

Pillar Caps this rate, the trainer who plans to come on June 26 later learned is a good coach and good quality. The reason is, information Maman, the coaches never get the best coach in Alzajair title this year.

“From what I get, the coach has a very good quality. Moreover, ever bring the club championship in Algeria. I value the Algerian league better than the league in Indonesia, “he explained.

Despite all this, Maman handed over all decisions to management. Decisions taken by management is the best decision for Persib. He expects other players also remain to be professional and accept what is best for the team. (MSY)

Indonesian Football (must be) Independent

Football is the most interesting game in the world to watch. In Indonesia it is quite difficult to control this one sport because for the Indonesian people, football is the most fascinating sports game to watch. Missing the game would be a great pity. Football, besides a collective game that involve many people (11 people is also an organization) is also part of a system. Beside the players, there is also an organization that manages it.

Indonesian football is under an organization called PSSI. As the highest football organization, PSSI issues a law that regulates Indonesian football matters. As an organization, PSSI also is part of the Asia Football Confederation (AFC) in Asia and FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) as the world football organization. One of the rules implemented by PSSI is the Super League that differ from the previous leagues. Super League is carried out only with one region, unlike other leagues that involved two regions which was west and east regions. In addition it once involved three regions including the central region.

This was where a problem occurred for many clubs in the Super League. The classical problem is about funding, indeed very rational if many clubs are shouting with the policy. The high budget is usually used for accommodation during matching games. Imagine if for a game outside the island, they use air transportation, except if the game is held on the same island, they can use land transportation.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in Asia, with an area of approximately 1,919,440 Km2, compared to other countries that do not have as large area as Indonesia. Japan (377.835 Km2), Korea (98.480 Km2) and Thailand (514.000 Km2) cannot be compared with Indonesia. By infrastructure, the three other nations are more modern. To go from one city to another you can use land transportation like train or bus. While in Indonesia, with the largest area in Southeast Asia, you have to cross the sea to get to another island.

Looking at the geographical condition, ideally Indonesian league should use the old format that has been previously implemented, two or three regions. It is not necessary to force to implement a one region format if at the end it would burden the clubs to pay for accommodation and infrastructure. This is because Indonesia’s positition at the AFC is not strong enough so that Indonesia decided to implement the one region league format. If we do not implement this format, clubs under the Indonesian League cannot compete at the Asian Champion’s League. If not compete at the Asian’s Champion’s League, we cannot measure our success at a more higher level.

Furthermore, businesses in Indonesia have not lay a hand on football. Football has not been considered as a profit maker. Compared to English Premier League or Calcio Italia League where football has become a profitable industry, the club’s policy means profit and achievement. Meaning, there is a relationship between achievement and profit. The more achievement a club made, the more profit the management is making.

I think that however it is, football inIndonesia is part of the nation’s asset. Indonesia’s football can help increase Indonesia’s position in the world’s football. This can only happen if we manage to create a significant triumph in a higher event. It all started from the Indonesian League. The policy that should be undertaken is to make clubs under the league more independent and reconsidering the format that is more appropriate the the nation's geographical condition so that clubs would have no fund difficulties due to accommodation expenses.

By Iden Wildensyah

Darko Daniel Janackovic! Nova Not Know

“Actually, we the players do not know the quality of this trainer. But whoever she was a management decision. We as players still have to be professional and always ready, “said Nova, Saturday (06/19/2010).

However, the owner of the number one jersey 30, admits, for it to progress Maung Bandung, he evaluates the players will receive any management decision. To be sure, he hope no more mistakes in preparation for his team won.

As to Robby Darwis, the player nicknamed “Sister NGESOT” This judge that Robby is still very feasible to train Cup Indonesia team in 2010. He added, the legendary Persib are able to motivate his team to perform trengginas.

“Actually, Mr. Robby is also still highly worthy to lead this team to be Cup Indonesiaend. But management may have another appraisal, so must we accept it. Hopefully we can win, “he concluded.

Why Does Persib Have Many Sponsors?

Persib is one of Indonesia’s football team from Bandung that has done quite a performance and stable in the Indonesian football industry, since long time ago until the current Indonesian League.

One unique note from this team is when the team won the United football competition for the very last time in 1993/1994. At the final game, Persib which was defended by Sutiono Lamso and Robby Darwis beated PSM Makassar. The Galatama football game and united teams in Indonesia then was united into Indonesian League (LI). At the first LI held in 1994/1995, Persib won for the first time after defeating Petrokimia Putra Gresik. Persib also was one of the only clubs in Indonesia that managed to play at the semi finals at Asia Champions League.

The Indonesian Super League now uses a dependent system, which is participants are not alowed to use its budget so that some clubs have difficulties in finding a fund. Unlike Persib which is funded by several sponsors for its game matches.

Why does Persib has many sponsors? The team from Bandung is a team who is faithful to its supporters and spectators in its every games thus resulting an overflow of spectators. This canbe seen from last night’s game between Persib and Arema. So it is true that many people watch Persib on television, which is then used by sponsors to introduce their products.

Persib’s clothes and merchandise are hunted by its supporters, in every shirts you can find the sponsors’ brand, as well as on the merchandises.

Persib is a future professional team that can compete in domestic games thus sponsors are eyeing on them hoping to bring Indonesian football to the outside world.

by Juanas Orta

Daniel While So Persib Technical Director

BANDUNG – Persib Bandung will be trying on the coach from France named Darko-Daniel Janackovic Indonesian Cup 2010 in mid-July. This is a test event for the coach who brought the agent named Jaime Rojas.

Persib Manager Umuh Muchtar just really reluctant to hire coaches who have not known his track record is. However, diinternal PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PT UN), there are several parties that are judged to impose gait trainer.

“Frankly I do not really agree with this decision. But never mind, because there are certain parties who want him to (Daniel) coaching here. Let us see later how its action, “explained Umuh, Friday (06/18/2010).

Umuh claimed not to know for sure if PT Liga Indonesia will allow the team madding a new coach. Including, if issued as Technical Director Darko-Daniel Janackovic(Dirtek) in Persib.

“We'll see what happens. If indeed we should try, if not better. We want everything to clear first, announcing a new coach, “said Umuh who claimed there was a frantic internal friction Persib interests related coach about next season.

Exchange team trainers Maung Bandung was central heating. Before Darko-Daniel Janackovic, some famous names like Jacksen F Tiago (Persipura Jayapura Youth career) and Rahmad Darmawan (Sriwijaya FC) digadang-gadangkan Persib is training going to occupy a seat next season. (ACF)

Persib Request Additional USD $ 3 Billion

BANDUNG – Bandung Persib Management filed a supplementary budget amounting to Rp3 billion to the consortium of PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PT UN) to shop for new players next season. Additional funds are considered appropriate to bring some star quality to the squad Maung Bandung.

President Director of UN Umuh Muchtar states, additional budget is entirely Rp3 billion will be used to buy new players, beyond a few players will be retained for the Liga Indonesia (LSI) upcoming 2010/2011. “And the value we see feasible to bring in some of the best players, both foreign and local,” said Umuh, Friday (06/11/2010).

The man who was also manager of this Persib add, last season's, the consortium provide loan funds to the United Nations and the management of PT Persib of Rp20 billion utuk operational funds for one round of competition. Of that amount, partly intended to buy players competing in this 2009/2010 season.

Umuh explained, the addition of these funds if it wants to realize its natural numbered targets champions next season. These additional funds to hire the quality squad capable Persib boost achievement in the competition next season.

“So this is consistent with the targets that we switch to the championship next season. We expect the consortium to give fresh air and together we understand the needs of next season, “he explained. (MSY)

Behavior of Fanatical Football Supporters

Fanatical supporters in soccer are no longer a new phenomenon and it is common in almost every country whose nation deems soccer/soccer match as a religion (not literally, in a different meaning-ed).

British people are notorious for the hooligans who are very disturbing and makes people restless enough in every match between world-class countries, or even European countries. Similarly, the World Cup or European Championship. Concerns arising from the match organizers is that if the British team’s performance is disappointing or far lower than expectations of these hooligans,there will be unrest which results in quite a lot of material loss.

Although many may have not reported (probably because I am in Indonesia and the news about it has been more selected for inclusion into the virtual world. Well, I'm not sure,-ed). But the highest institution of British football is the FA that will impose strong sanctions against the club, or FIFA will impose sanctions to the country's national team whose supporters make restless situation.

But of course in every match, for the European League, the European Championship and World Championship, the match organizing committee always sets up a better and better security. This is done by the committees to prevent undesirable things from happening.

And abroad, if there is a special event such as football club’s anniversary parties for example, there will no chaos by the supporters by breaking into the stadium just to watch the match and support their favorite teams. And according to information from one of my friends who live in England, that the British security forces always applies super strict security measures at soccer games, especially the soccer games where there is a teams playing against its biggest enemy such as MU vs Liverpool whether the game is in Liverpool or in Manchester . In fact, the security forces and police will take very firm actions toward the supporters who act improperly.

And this is exemplary by the soccer games organizers in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia (not mocking, but this is a reality and it happened -ed) a lot of ways done to support people’s favorite soccer teams. I really admire Persib Bandung. Not because I live in Bandung, but because I am very pleased with Persib Bandung team, I even was one witness who saw Persib Bandung won the Indonesian League Championship for the first time in 1995 that was the first Indonesian League, it used to be named the United League. And that was the first time I loved Persib whose players were really cool by relying only on all local players alias native Indonesians. Although there are now foreign players, I still love only Persib and it is not replacable.

Back to the topic. Sometimes this behavior is supported by the organizing committee and sometimes by the team official. Although there is no real proof this, sometimes I do an analysis and find out that supporters do not do these things without the intimidation or provocation from others. And usually, I think, provocation must be done by people that supporters have known and he was in a group of supporters who can be ordered by the official club or anything like that but I can not judge directly who it is. That's only an analysis and estimate.

Some time ago at the second leg of Indonesian Super League 2009/2010 between Persib and one of the clubs in East Java (of course I forgot the name of the team-ed). Persib in the first leg tourned out to slaughter that club in Bandung. And in order to provide a great spirit to supporters’ favorite team and provide mental pressure because that stadium was overcrowded with home team supporters in those games, the organizers offer a discount on admission to the prospective spectators. And in a business context, giving discounts to customers is common and it is a normal thing done by the organizing committee in order to attract buyers/customers in this case is a large number of soccer spectators. But surely, it was something really horrible to see when there was too little borderline separating fanatical supporters of Persib Bandung and the opposing team’s supporters.

Many promises are made by the soccer fans club saying that spectators/supporters will be disciplined but that's no guarantee. Lots of events happened unexpectedly and it was beyond the power of the organizers like throwing a bottle of mineral water to the opposing team or a more severe one, even throwing stones. In fact, Persib team was a little intimidated by the spectators who watched the game right outside the pitch line and maybe if the spectators were carried away, they could have just entered the pitch. (this is of course the worst scenario-ed)

And on Sunday last week, on March 14, 2010 Persib team that was celebrating its 77th anniversary invited Arema Indonesia at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Soreang, Bandung Regency.

This anniversary occassion caused the spectators of the game burst into the stadium and caused over-capacity. Finally, it made the supporters that should have been in a special tribune forced into the stadium area that should be sterile from the spectators. As a result, the news I read in the newspapers yesterday morning reported that the overcrowding spectators had made so many people fainted and some spectators even fell because of pushing each other like crazy.

The stadium was overcrowded because at that match the spectators broke in the entrance and finally a lot of spectators entered Si Jalak Harupat Stadium without buying tickets merely to support their favorite team Persib play in its 77th anniversary occassion. That incident was not the first time, several years ago at Persib’s anniversary celebration as well, Siliwangi Stadium could not accommodate a large number of spectators, and finally they burst into the pitch and eventually many spectators watching the game at the pitch lane, a few centimeters from the to be exact rather than just a few centimeters from the soccer pitch’s sideline. And it looked like watcing a soccer match in the neighborhood at the annual event of commemorating Indonesia's Independence in August.

Even though there were not many undesirable incidents, this is a bad precedent for Indonesian soccer and of course a bad precedent for organizing committees. Surely, the above incidents are bad marks in Indonesian soccer games’ report.

And my questions are; At the soccer games, do the organizing committees cooperate with the police and security force to prevent bad incidents from happening? What if the security forces take rather repressive measures toward supporters breaking in the enterence of the stadium because they want to watch the game but they do not have the tickets for fear that they will hurt the spectators?

And by allowing illegal spectators to enter/breaking in the entrance without buying tickets, we can see the security forces and the organizing committees are not rigorous enough, that is absolutely bad incident and sometimes I am ashamed of it.>>>

There are still many other incidents which occurred due to the lack of rigorous control of the organizing committees and the security forces. These may be some of bad incidents occur in Indonesian soccer matches. And there should also be a consideration whether Indonesia is prepared for holding an international soccer tournament in very grand in style such as World Cup as highly endorsed by the PSSI [translator’s note: Indonesian Football Federation] few dozen years later? Given the Asian level football tournament only, there were still spectators who successfully went through fence between spectators and the pitch and went into the soccer pitch at the Asian Cup some time ago.

Maybe if we plan to hold an international tournament, one of the most important thing must be changed is the way of thinking and behavior of spectators of the soccer tournament, in Indonesia of course.

by Hotman Christian

Persib in their fans eyes

Football is a popular sporting event that is loved by many.

My profession as a radio announcer for the 15 to 35 year-old segment prompted me to be knowledgeable of sports news including football. I don't like to play football but I enjoy watching the games, especially the BIG MATCH.

In Bandung, the pride of the city is Persib Bandung. The team has fanatical and loyal supporters that are called Bobotoh Persib. The members consist of people from various backgrounds, from babies to old people.

Bobotoh Persib worship the team, even when losing but even more so when winning. The actions of the Bobotoh often worry Bandung citizens who would go home early when a match is being played there and when Persib loses. This is done to avoid the convoys of Bobotoh who sometimes are rather wild although nowadays these Persib fans are more mature. However, there are still some who act as bullies and cause damage when Persib loses.

With regards to the bobotoh and persib, as radio announcer wherein my radio station always covers live all Persib matches in the Indonesian League, I am often in awe of the enthusiasm and fanaticism of the Persib bobotoh, sometimes even shocked.

What really shocked me was (as I read in one of Bandung's newspapers), one of Persib bobotoh supporters named his son Persib. It's kinda weird to me, but that is what is called fanaticism. At least this type of fanaticism is not out of place nor destructive.

There was another incident which I consider funny. One day, when I wasn't on duty, I went to an area in Kosambi, a quite popular market in Bandung aside from Pasar Baru. It was so happened that that day Persib Bandung was playing but it was not shown on the official television. Automatically, Bobotoh Persib immediately would listen to the radio station where I work. And you know what, when I was about to park my car, all parking attendants and security guards suddenly disappeared. As I stepped out of my car, I discovered that there was a big group of people that gathered, from street-side drink vendors, parking attendants, passers-by, security guards and many more were listening attentively to the live coverage of the Persib match on radio. It seemed that no one paid attention to the cars that came to park or to leave. I thought, they were thinking that they'd get the parking fees later while they watched Persib play.

Not only that, I also witnessed bobotoh fanaticism elsewhere as in restaurants, salons, clothing stores, etc. This was evident when they stopped their activities for a while to watch a Persib player enter the opponent's area or breach the defensive line, to find out if the player would be successful in his execution.

Another time, I was enjoying my "me time" in the salon with some friends. One of the capsters, whom I knew was a big fan of Persib, was blowing a customer's hair, when she suddenly stopped working to listen to the radio. A live broadcast was on and she remained silent as the radio reporter was enthusiastically describing a penalty kick. She had put her customer on hold.

One of the most fanatical Persib bobotoh is H. Umuh Muchtar (sorry if it is misspelled), the current Manager of Persib Bandung. Before he became the manager, it can be said that H. Umuh was the most generous bobotoh. He was the bobotoh who most often distributed bonuses from his own pocket to Persib players when they won a competition. If it were to be put into numbers, the amount would be in the hundreds of millions of Rupiah (for players, officials, crew, etc).

This is my observations of Persib from its fans' point of view regarding their beloved. Although Persib has yet to win the Indonesian League once more after the First Indonesian League. Although often defeated, Persib will always be loved by its Bobotoh.


by Hotman Christian